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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for ElfabTech's services?

No. Registration is free for all levels of membership.

I haven't received my email confirmation during signup. What do I do?

First check your junk mail, if the email still hasn't appeared try adding noresponse@elfabtech.com to your safe list, then try to log in, this will generate another email. If you still don't receive the email contact Elfab sales for support.

How often is information updated?

Currently, a majority of the customer information (Internal sales tracking, DHL/TNT dispatch, sales orders etc) is updated once daily. Elfab is progressively moving the site to a SOA (service-orientated architecture) and the Spares system utlises a direct connection to the Elfab systems. However, if you require live information please contact Elfab sales.

I didn't enter a customer account code on registration, can I still join my company?

Yes. Simply login with your email and password, and go to Company Management located under the Account tab.

My company account request is being rejected, why?

There could be a number of possibilities as to why it was rejected, however a majority of cases are due to incorrect customer account numbers. Please login and follow the example guide in Company Management.

My account says I am not verified or that my login has expired but I verified on registration?

Elfab has a strict policy when it comes to sharing customer sensitive information, to reduce any security threats we require each member to verify their email once every year, and if your account has become inactive for 6 months. If you have recently finished a student placement, you will need to update your account settings.

What browsers are supported?

ElfabTech supports all modern browsers with CSS3 and Javascript, these include mobile and tablet browsers.

During testing, Elfab checks core functionality with IE, Chrome, Firefox and the Opera browsers. Internet Explorer 8 and below are no longer supported as Microsoft XP has reached end of life and security issues are no longer addressed with that browser family. However, recent versions of other browsers will still work on XP with the benefit of HTML5/CSS3 features.

As browsers have variations of functionality, some pages may appear differently when viewed in specific browsers and occasionally there may be problems with functionality or items slightly out of position. When we become aware of such anomalies, they are investigated and corrected if possible.

Certain pages, e.g. multi-column views may not have an optimal display in small handheld devices and are designed to be viewed on desktop browsers. When they are displayed on handheld devices, a subset of the columns may be shown or columns are transposed to rows if possible.

Does ElfabTech require cookies?

Yes, please read our Cookie Policy Agreement

I've found a bug on the site, can I report it?

Yes. We value feedback. "Screenshots" of malfunctions will be useful and sometimes a page will give additional information that will be useful for troubleshooting.

Please contact us at sales@elfab.com and we will remedy the problem ASAP.